Europe is one of the most favorite travel destination for people around the world. The cultural diversity of Europe is truly amazing and there are countless tourist attractions here.  Everything about Europe is stunning and beautiful, the architecture, culture, food, history and many other things. So if you are planning to visit Europe for the first time you need to know a little about what to expect in Europe. With so many different types of people and culture you are likely to face some difficulties. To make things easier for you here are situations you may face in Europe.


When we live in a certain place for a long time we get used to many different things. Like electricity, in Europe the supply is 220v whereas the North American appliances use electricity of 110v. You will need some kind of transformer for your usual appliances. You won’t face that difficulty with Apple devices as those have built in converter which adapt to different conditions. The sockets in Europe are not the usual ones you use in your home; you will need a converter to fit your adapter into those. You need to know about these electrical things before traveling to Europe.


The next thing to consider is the accommodation which is more likely hotels. The size of hotel rooms in Europe is smaller compare to hotel rooms in America. If you are visiting Paris for the first time and staying in a hotel you will definitely notice the difference in hotel room size. Before booking a hotel you must decide the types of bed to use, it can be quite confusing. There are many different types of bed arrangements in these hotels. The towels found in hotel rooms are also very small in size, you better bring one from your place instead of using that.



Europe is the birthplace of many finest cuisines of the world. You can expect high quality dishes here but there are some things you may find unusual in a European restaurant. You won’t find any types of tap water in these restaurants, they will server only bottled water, there is no point of asking them for tap water. All bottled water is carbonated so you have to mention that you don’t water with gas. The dinner time in Europe also don’t match with American timing, they usually dine later in the evening. The tip after a dining is common in Europe but it is not expected.


You will find plenty of public washrooms in European streets, but you may have to pay to use those. There will be attendants in those washroom who will receive the money. Coming out without payment is a bad idea and you should never do that. There are also many regulations for using those washrooms, you should follow those not to get yelled at.

Those are some unusual things you may face if you are a first timer in Europe. There are plenty more and you should be ready for surprises.