We often come across people who fail to come into their own terms. People dream big, work harder but often break in between their journey. This could happen for multiple reasons. It can be due to a personal loss, tragedy or misfiring of plans. People call it a failure and get into a zone of heartbreak. But is it really a failure? Does that really lack will power? Well, this is rather a lack of self-motivation.

A self-motivated person can never break down in between, they have the fuel to run longer until the end. But how to be self-motivated? Well, no one needs a seminar on motivation for that, all you need is to understand yourself. Here is how you can become a self-motivated person and keep the negative things at the bay. If you own a business how to be self motivated. The West Island owners shared these tips.

What are your values?

Do you have values in your life? Well, everybody does but not that everyone understands it or admits it. These are stepping stones of your character and life. These are concepts on which your entire life is based. Your values decide how to spend your time, how to live your life, what to focus and what to ignore. These values need to searched and understood. If you have a value of health, then you are probably a person who spends time on exercises or running or passionate about Yoga, etc. So, the first step is to unearth the inner values of your life and admit it. Once you have identified those values, your life becomes easier and smoother.

Do Values change?

Well, values are formed of multiple things. The society, upbringing, country, religion, language, culture, school, family, friends, media, and many other things curate the values within you from childhood. However, it is evident that it keeps on changing. It changes as the perception changes, as you learn, as you grow. There is no harm in changing values when it is for good. However, it is important to acknowledge that your values are changing.

How to unearth the Values?

Have you ever spoken to yourself? One must speak to the inner-self at least once a day. This is where the identification of values starts. If you ask yourself, what do you like the most, if the answer is coming back home from the office and spend time with the family, then your value is family. If you feel you never stick to one thing and keep changing desires, then agility is your value. This is the stage where you have to be honest with yourself. No value is a bad value, but before transforming your value to build your life, you need to identify it. When you identify the values, the transformation begins.

Transformation and Motivation

Transformation is a two-step process. The first is to analyze what currently you are doing and the second is to desire what actually you want to achieve. The process of transformation is to bridge the gap between the two. As we progress in life, the two poles keep changing and so is our transformation. This is what self-motivation is. This is the effort to reach a point that you have created for yourself.

Self-motivation isn’t about reaching goals, but about setting goals throughout.