You might know that Europe is one of the most popular travel destination for people around the world. There are plenty of travel destinations in Europe and each year thousands of tourists come here to visit those. The size of Europe as a continent is pretty big and you might not be able to see every travel destination in Europe. Because these places are never in news, these places are not popular choice for tourists. However, these places are spectacular in every aspect. Here is a list of some unknown but stunning travel destinations of Europe.

Istanbul Grand Bazar

If you have already been to Istanbul and haven’t seen the Grand Bazar, you should go there again. It is a place which shouldn’t be missed at any cost. It is the visual representation of rich culture of Istanbul. As a tourist, you will find everything there, and if you are photographer there are plenty of things to capture. There are many popular travel destinations in Turkey which are well known. But the Grand Bazar is not known place for tourist. So next time go to Turkey, make sure you visit the Grand Bazar of Istanbul.

Iceland’s  Hot Springs

As the name suggest, tourist often think Iceland is a place of cold weather and snow. However, the reality is not the same, both the people and weather of Iceland is warm. The people there are friendly and welcoming. You will certainly enjoy your trip to Iceland. So if you go to Iceland, don’t forget to see the Hot Springs and Northern Lights. It is a spectacular view for nature lover. You won’t be seeing a hot spring in many parts of the world. So don’t miss the opportunity. Your Europe visit should include a visit to this place.

Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum of Russia is certainly a spectacular place for tourist. This place is not that popular among regular tourist, because they don’t know about this place. If you are a history lover, you should definitely pay a visit to this museum. This museum has a collection of almost 3 million rare artifacts. You won’t be seeing that many artifacts in any other museum in the world. Though this museum has a huge collection of materials, yet it is not a popular tourist attraction. So make sure you visit this place during your next Russia visit.

Kensington Gardens

This is a spectacular place of England located in London. You may have visited England many times but haven’t visited this beautiful place. This garden is not a well know travel destination for tourists. But it has got everything a traveler would like to see. If you want to enjoy a peaceful stroll with your loved one, this is certainly the place for you. Your trip to London should include a visit to this beautiful place.

Above are some less known tourist attractions of Europe. There are others like Museo Reina Sofia of Spain, Doria Pamphilj of Italy and Enlishcher Garten of Germany.