How to remove Termite from home

We often take extra care to close the doors for the pest infestations at home. However, few of the steps may actually do more harm than good for us. In order to make your home pest-proof, you often facilitate the entry of the termite. Termites can be dangerous and can swallow your favorite furniture and any other wooden items. However, in order to stop the termite infestation, we need to understand what attracts termite. So, here are the five things that need to be stopped in order to stop the termites to enter the home.


It has been often observed that people stack wood right next to the house. Wood is the food for the termites and this could make your home vulnerable. The wood is generally stacked against the home or on the stoop. This is done for easy access to the wood. However, this could provide the termite easy access instead of home. The termites come to the woodpile for food and get an entry point to the home. It is recommended to keep the woodpile at least 20 feet away from home. This is considered a safe distance from termite.


Drainage issues can make your home vulnerable. Clogged gutters or improper drainage create a moist environment. The moist environment is an ideal condition for termite infestation. It is true that cleaning gutter or drainage is not an enjoyable job, but in order to prevent the termite, this is absolutely necessary. Additionally, it protects the home from mosquitoes.

Excess Wood

Stumps of dead trees left next to the house can attract termites. Rotting wood material is the favorite food for termites. Hence, it is important that termites are deprived of it. No rotten or excess wood should be left in front of the house. The situation becomes even worse during the rainy season. Wood and water are the most favorable condition for the termite to infest. Thus one should ensure that both of these are not available near your home. Our sponsors at Ahunstic area provided us with the feedback base don their experience, see .


Mulch is often considered one of the most commonly used materials near the foundation of the home. However, mulch is also one of the favorite food for the termites. Mulch can retain and absorb moisture and that makes it even more vulnerable for termite attack. It is thus advisable to keep the mulch at least 15 inches away from the foundation. If the use of mulch can be minimized then there is nothing better.


Trees near the home are very common. Sometimes the branches of trees enter the houses as well. However, trees are home to the termites. If you have trees near to your home, you need to be extra vigilant. It is better to trim the trees so that the branches do not enter the house. This could give the termites an entry point.

Termites are very common in the household. If you are staying in the countryside, the problem can be amplified. Tropical weather can make things worse as well. Hence, it is very important that you ensure the safety of your house from termites.

Carpet Cleaning Tips amid COVID 19 Outbreak

The world is struggling to cope up with the outbreak of the COVID 19 Corona Virus. The outbreak has happened to break out during the normal flu season as well. As has been advised, everyone should stay at home. But how to ensure that your home is safe from all the flu and deadly virus? Well, the cleaning starts from the most used item, carpet. Carpet cleaning becomes very important to ensure a healthy home. Our sponsors Ajax professional carpet cleaners inform us we should understand that it is no longer about cleaning anymore, but also about disinfecting. So, here are the things that you must do to ensure that your carpet is cleaned and disinfected.

Cleaning First

One must remember that cleaning has to be done at first. Cleaning is done to ensure that germs are removed from surfaces of the carpet. Disinfection is more of spraying chemicals to kill the virus or other germs that are left behind. It is always advisable to clean the carpet first through a vacuum or any other mode. Once done, the disinfection process can be followed. The disinfection process generally leaves the carpet dry for some time.

Vacuum Cleaning

As everyone is spending more and more time at home, the carpet is used even more. It is thus important to clean it regularly. It is understood that frequent deep cleaning is not possible. Hence, vacuum cleaning should be carried out frequently. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner even now, then you should either buy or rent it. There are different vacuum cleaners with different power. Vacuum cleaners generally suck the dirt out of the surface of the carpet. The dirt also contains allergens, germs, viruses, bacteria, and others. Considering the situation now, when people are spending a lot of time at home, the vacuuming should be done even more frequently.

Chemical Cleaning

There are different chemicals available in the market which can be ordered online as well. These chemicals are useful for removing the stains from the carpet. If you have children or pets at home, then it becomes necessary. The stains at the carpet can be caused by the spilling of food or drinks not to mention attract pests. The urine of the pets can also cause the same. The chemicals can be used for cleaning it. This can also ensure that the foul smell of the urine or spilling of the food is not present at home.

Homemade Cleaners

Vinegar, lemon and even common dish washing soaps can also be used to clean stains and other marks. The stains must be however softly cleaned. Rubbing the carpet may damage the fabric of it.


At the end of the day or at the beginning of the day, the carpet should be disinfected. The chemicals can be used to kill all the bacteria and germs on the surface of the carpet. The entire home should be disinfected considering the present situation and the carpet does not exclude the list.

Carpet cleaning is mandatory for a healthy home and thus must be considered seriously.

New Home Pest Control Issues that You cannot Ignore

It is a dream for every individual to purchase a home. However, purchasing a dream home is not only a matter of the financial transaction but also about ensuring different things. A new home must be satisfactory from every angle from the quality of the structure to the location to the amenities, to the neighbor and of course financial quotients. However, people often forget about checking a few things that need to be addressed. One of the most common things that are ignored is an infestation.

Yes, people do carry out a pest infestation before entering the house, but forget to take care of loopholes. A new home can have multiple loopholes that can facilitate pest infestation. These errors must be observed and rectified quickly by professional pest control services.

Here are a few of the things that must be rectified before moving into your new house.


Wood enhances the beauty of a house. There is no doubt that wood can be strong but the same wood can attract the termites as well. if the wood at your new home has dark spots or seem soft, then it is time to replace it. You can even replace the wood to get rid of the termites especially if your area witness more rain. The discarded wings near wooden doors should also be removed. One must carefully check the exterior of the house and try to observe mud tubes. These mud tubes are generally used by the termites to enter the house. All the softwoods should be removed from the near proximity of the house to avoid termites. Even the mulch which is used for the foundation must be checked. It can be the ideal food for termites and also a source of moisture for different insects.


The structure of the building must be thoroughly checked for the cracks. The cracks generally develop with time. Sometimes extreme weather condition ensures such cracks. The water damages to the structure are also very common. These are the passage for the pest to infest your new home and furniture. Hence, these should be fixed first. Even if you do pest control, the infestation would not stop unless you have addressed these issues.

Water Pipes

Most of the buildings have faulty water pipes. This can be a result of poor installation or wear and tear. However, that cannot be overlooked. Leakage or similar other problems in water pipes act as a source of moisture. Damp and Moist environment at home is an ideal breeding ground for the pest. This can catalyze the infestation by a considerable amount.


The drainage must be checked as well. If the water gets logged in the drainage or you find any low area in the structure that can host water, then you need to act. Stored water can become the breeding ground for the mosquitos and must be rectified.

Congratulations on your new home. However, ensure that you have not overlooked these issues. It is also very important that you contact a pest control service to run a complete professional cleaning of your new home before you move in.

How to be Self-Motivated On Travel

We often come across people who fail to come into their own terms. People dream big, work harder but often break in between their journey. This could happen for multiple reasons. It can be due to a personal loss, tragedy or misfiring of plans. People call it a failure and get into a zone of heartbreak. But is it really a failure? Does that really lack will power? Well, this is rather a lack of self-motivation.

A self-motivated person can never break down in between, they have the fuel to run longer until the end. But how to be self-motivated? Well, no one needs a seminar on motivation for that, all you need is to understand yourself. Here is how you can become a self-motivated person and keep the negative things at the bay. If you own a business how to be self motivated. The West Island owners shared these tips.

What are your values?

Do you have values in your life? Well, everybody does but not that everyone understands it or admits it. These are stepping stones of your character and life. These are concepts on which your entire life is based. Your values decide how to spend your time, how to live your life, what to focus and what to ignore. These values need to searched and understood. If you have a value of health, then you are probably a person who spends time on exercises or running or passionate about Yoga, etc. So, the first step is to unearth the inner values of your life and admit it. Once you have identified those values, your life becomes easier and smoother.

Do Values change?

Well, values are formed of multiple things. The society, upbringing, country, religion, language, culture, school, family, friends, media, and many other things curate the values within you from childhood. However, it is evident that it keeps on changing. It changes as the perception changes, as you learn, as you grow. There is no harm in changing values when it is for good. However, it is important to acknowledge that your values are changing.

How to unearth the Values?

Have you ever spoken to yourself? One must speak to the inner-self at least once a day. This is where the identification of values starts. If you ask yourself, what do you like the most, if the answer is coming back home from the office and spend time with the family, then your value is family. If you feel you never stick to one thing and keep changing desires, then agility is your value. This is the stage where you have to be honest with yourself. No value is a bad value, but before transforming your value to build your life, you need to identify it. When you identify the values, the transformation begins.

Transformation and Motivation

Transformation is a two-step process. The first is to analyze what currently you are doing and the second is to desire what actually you want to achieve. The process of transformation is to bridge the gap between the two. As we progress in life, the two poles keep changing and so is our transformation. This is what self-motivation is. This is the effort to reach a point that you have created for yourself.

Self-motivation isn’t about reaching goals, but about setting goals throughout.

Different methods to Exterminate Ants When Living Abroad

Ants are set of species that are mostly found at the dirty places and in the corners of the home and they are a problem when living abroad in many hot countries. These are called pests and can be dangerous for the human health and for the ecology. Ants can be outrageous and can spread very quickly. Bed Bugs, Mice, ants, Cockroach and similar species are categorized as the pests. However, among all of them ants are considered the most common pests at home. These ants are not only destructive for your beautiful home but also dangerous for the health of the family and ecology of the house. In order to control the ants there are different methods available for the professional pest control services.

These services are very effective and equally sound to exterminate the ants from every corner of the house.

Chemical Method

This is the most common method used to exterminate the ants. The chemical method can be termed as the traditional method as well. This is the method that is in use in a long time. This is effective and result oriented. Even though the chemicals used by the professional pest control services are approved by the concerned authorities but still chemical is chemical. It should be out of the reach for the children and the pets that are at home. If the chemicals that are used to kill the ants are engulfed by others then serious implications can be observed. The chemicals act as poison to the ants. The ants have very strong survival and resistive strength and thus it becomes very important to use the proper chemical to the pest. The chemical can be used we solid and as liquid as well. Different pest control Service Company has a different approach and thus the chemicals cannot be generalized. When we spoke to The chemical method, however, stays for short and allows the ants to come back again. The prime disadvantage of the chemical method is that you may have to use it again and again for ant control.

Bio-Chemical Method

Bio-Chemical method is even more effective. The best part of the materials used in this process is that it is environment-friendly as well. The materials used are generally the natural enemies of the ants. It can be mixed with the chemical materials and non-chemical materials as well. However, this is a prominent method of controlling the ants. The natural elements also work as a repellent. So, the bugs generally don’t come back. Moreover, the natural impact of this method is long lasting so, this is more useful and effective. It can be simply biological method as well, where no chemical is used for the pest control.

There are electronic methods available as well. However, the electronic methods are not very much used against the ants. However, the electronic methods can be very useful against the rodents and other bugs like bed bugs. Biological and Biochemical methods are mostly followed for the pest control especially to exterminate the ants from house and office.




Carpet Stain Removal Techniques When On Travel

It happens to all of us… spilling something on the carpet of a hotel or rental room while on vacation !

While they look nice and they make us warm in hotels, they are difficult to remove stains from! Carpet cleaning is of course very important but it is not easy always. The stains especially are very rigid to be removed. In the modern world, a carpet is cleaned with different techniques for optimal solutions especially for the stain removal. Here are the different methods used to remove stains from carpet.

Off the Shelf Stain Remover

Try one of the off the shelf carpet stain remover. Start by first applying it on the stained area. Leave it to soak for 5 minutes and then try absorbing it with a towel. If this does not get most of it out then you definitely need to contact a professional carpet cleaning company which will apply any of the steps below!

Water Treatment

The first one is pretty easy and common as well. However, the application of the treatment is very limited. All the stains that are solvable in water can be cleaned effectively with this technique. One has to use water in an adequate amount to rinse the stain in the carpet. It should be done until the carpet and the stain soaks the water. You can then vacuum the area and all the stains will be removed. We checked with a carpet cleaner Oakville and the advice he offered us was to hire a professional company.

Dry Cleaning

This is the method that is mostly used for the rigid stains. The stains that are not solvable in water need the treatment. A soft round brush must be used for the cleaning purpose. Slowly the brush should be moved around the stains. This will ensure that the stains are brushed off, the remaining part of the stain can be vacuumed to clean the carpet.

Shampoo Cleaning

The shampoo is often used for the cleaning purpose. The first one is to out adequate shampoo solution in the carpet and allow it to soak. Once it has soaked the solution and dried, the vacuum technique should be used. However, this technique is used for the carpets where the stain is spread over a larger area. However, you may also use the shampoo foam to clean the carpet. This is also a very effective technique to clean carpet.

Steam Cleaning

This is considered as the most ultimate and most effective carpet cleaning technique. Hot steam is used to clean the carpet where the stains are subjected to the steam. Steam is more powerful than water and thus it directly impacts the stain. It is also easy for the carpet to soak in the steam rather than the water. Once the carpet has dried, it should be vacuumed to clean.

Carpet cleaning can be time consuming job and needs patience. If you are unable to clean the carpet properly then the professional services must be contacted. Carpet cleaning is very much required for the glow and longevity of the carpet. These tips can be implemented at home to clean the carpet but the professional person can take care of it even more effectively. So, it is always better to reach a person who has expertise in this, so that your carpet lasts long and remain the most attractive thing at your home.

Dubai Travel Tips


Dubai has become one of the most attractive tourist destination in last few years. The infrastructure development of this country has been unbelieve and this development is still in progress. Dubai is the perfect holiday destination for you in this Summer. If you haven’t been to this country before, you should be aware of environment and local laws. Being respectful to local laws is very important no matter which country you visit. You must also consider the weather as the heat of Dubai can be unbearable for you. Here are some other tips which can help you to have a great trip in Dubai.

Local Culture

Dubai is enriched with a cultural diversity as people from around the world come here each year. However, there are some local rules and culture which you should be aware of. Dubai is a Muslim majority country and therefore the culture and costumes are different from European countries. Public kissing and other display of affection will not be taken lightly by the locals. You should also avoid revealing and tight cloths as the people here are very conservative. Of course, you can wear swim suit in the beach area which is exclusively for tourist only. You just have to be careful about the dressing when roaming in other areas of Dubai.


You should know about the currency before travelling to any country. The currency of Dubai is Dirham and it can come in different number of notes like 10,20,50,100,500 and 1000. You may notice that service charges mostly added with the bill in different service store. If you want to tip your hotel service, you may leave a small percentage of the bill. You will find plenty of money exchange house throughout Dubai, so exchanging money won’t be a problem for you. However, you should avoid the Airport money exchange as those are very expensive.


Walking around on the street of the Dubai is not a good idea at all. The heat is extreme and something unbearable. If you are not used to this kind of heat, you may end up burning your skin. The public transports of Dubai are air conditioned with excellent sitting condition. These transport are also very reasonable in price. You can use those transport to travel across Dubai. You will also find Trams which are the latest inclusion in Dubai transport system. You should avoid taxi service as those are very expensive. Public transport is certainly the best option to travel across Dubai.


Like other Gulf countries Dubai is well reputed for hot weather with extreme sun. The temperature reaches up to 40 degrees every now and then. You find a cold night in Dubai if you are lucky enough because there is hardly any.  You should avoid travelling to Dubai during June to September months as these are the most heated months. December and January are probably the best months for travelling to Dubai. However, the warm beaches of Dubai are enjoyable throughout the year.

Top Affordable Travel Destinations


Traveling is something which is always exciting and fun. Every time you go to a new place you see new things and have new experience. No matter which part of the world you are traveling, it will cost you more or less. There are some places in the world which are quite expensive for traveling, and on the other hand some places are relatively inexpensive. It is easy to understand that you would like to save to some money when traveling. So here is list of some traveling destinations which can ensure a trip within you budget.


This beautiful island may sound like an expensive travel destination; however, Japan is rather affordable traveling spot when it comes to expenses. Japan has got everything a tourist would like to see in a country, natural beauty, a rich culture, history, food and landmarks. Now the question is how can you save money when it comes to visiting one of the most expensive cities to live in. The accommodation cost is cheaper than any other countries. You will find plenty of lodges which cost surprisingly less than you expect. There are also a lots of guesthouses Japan which you can rent in a low cost.


A beautiful country of Europe which is quite popular among tourists for its natural beauty. This country has everything you would like to see in a new place. The beaches are sunny; the fountains are stunning to look at. There are lots of affordable accommodation facility in this country. You will find lodges which cost no more than $50. So if you are looking for a trip within your budget yet you want it to be memorable, Portugal is the right place for you. The transportation cost also relatively low as there are trams across the cities.



When it comes to a trip within tight budget, Macedonia is the perfect travel destination for you. There are so many things to see in Macedonia like the Churches of Byzantines, Vineyards and Serene Lakes. This country has everything for a tourist who is looking for something mesmerizing. If you are worried about staying in Macedonia, you will be surprised to know that there are private rooms which will cost not more than $70. There are bus services all around the cities which can take you to popular tourist spots. Macedonia is the perfect place to have a vacation this summer.


If you like to explore and discover new things, Vietnam is the perfect destination for you. There are so many things you will discover here for the first time. Travelling across Vietnam is worth your time and money, you will get to see the fascinating culture of this country. There are plenty of bus service across Vietnam which are also very low in renting price. You can also hire a motorcycle to travel, it would cost not more than $5 to hire a moto-taxi. Vietnam is a perfect destination if you want to explore the unknown sides of Asian culture.

European Travel Destinations You Don’t Know About


You might know that Europe is one of the most popular travel destination for people around the world. There are plenty of travel destinations in Europe and each year thousands of tourists come here to visit those. The size of Europe as a continent is pretty big and you might not be able to see every travel destination in Europe. Because these places are never in news, these places are not popular choice for tourists. However, these places are spectacular in every aspect. Here is a list of some unknown but stunning travel destinations of Europe.

Istanbul Grand Bazar

If you have already been to Istanbul and haven’t seen the Grand Bazar, you should go there again. It is a place which shouldn’t be missed at any cost. It is the visual representation of rich culture of Istanbul. As a tourist, you will find everything there, and if you are photographer there are plenty of things to capture. There are many popular travel destinations in Turkey which are well known. But the Grand Bazar is not known place for tourist. So next time go to Turkey, make sure you visit the Grand Bazar of Istanbul.

Iceland’s  Hot Springs

As the name suggest, tourist often think Iceland is a place of cold weather and snow. However, the reality is not the same, both the people and weather of Iceland is warm. The people there are friendly and welcoming. You will certainly enjoy your trip to Iceland. So if you go to Iceland, don’t forget to see the Hot Springs and Northern Lights. It is a spectacular view for nature lover. You won’t be seeing a hot spring in many parts of the world. So don’t miss the opportunity. Your Europe visit should include a visit to this place.

Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum of Russia is certainly a spectacular place for tourist. This place is not that popular among regular tourist, because they don’t know about this place. If you are a history lover, you should definitely pay a visit to this museum. This museum has a collection of almost 3 million rare artifacts. You won’t be seeing that many artifacts in any other museum in the world. Though this museum has a huge collection of materials, yet it is not a popular tourist attraction. So make sure you visit this place during your next Russia visit.

Kensington Gardens

This is a spectacular place of England located in London. You may have visited England many times but haven’t visited this beautiful place. This garden is not a well know travel destination for tourists. But it has got everything a traveler would like to see. If you want to enjoy a peaceful stroll with your loved one, this is certainly the place for you. Your trip to London should include a visit to this beautiful place.

Above are some less known tourist attractions of Europe. There are others like Museo Reina Sofia of Spain, Doria Pamphilj of Italy and Enlishcher Garten of Germany.