Top Affordable Travel Destinations


Traveling is something which is always exciting and fun. Every time you go to a new place you see new things and have new experience. No matter which part of the world you are traveling, it will cost you more or less. There are some places in the world which are quite expensive for traveling, and on the other hand some places are relatively inexpensive. It is easy to understand that you would like to save to some money when traveling. So here is list of some traveling destinations which can ensure a trip within you budget.


This beautiful island may sound like an expensive travel destination; however, Japan is rather affordable traveling spot when it comes to expenses. Japan has got everything a tourist would like to see in a country, natural beauty, a rich culture, history, food and landmarks. Now the question is how can you save money when it comes to visiting one of the most expensive cities to live in. The accommodation cost is cheaper than any other countries. You will find plenty of lodges which cost surprisingly less than you expect. There are also a lots of guesthouses Japan which you can rent in a low cost.


A beautiful country of Europe which is quite popular among tourists for its natural beauty. This country has everything you would like to see in a new place. The beaches are sunny; the fountains are stunning to look at. There are lots of affordable accommodation facility in this country. You will find lodges which cost no more than $50. So if you are looking for a trip within your budget yet you want it to be memorable, Portugal is the right place for you. The transportation cost also relatively low as there are trams across the cities.



When it comes to a trip within tight budget, Macedonia is the perfect travel destination for you. There are so many things to see in Macedonia like the Churches of Byzantines, Vineyards and Serene Lakes. This country has everything for a tourist who is looking for something mesmerizing. If you are worried about staying in Macedonia, you will be surprised to know that there are private rooms which will cost not more than $70. There are bus services all around the cities which can take you to popular tourist spots. Macedonia is the perfect place to have a vacation this summer.


If you like to explore and discover new things, Vietnam is the perfect destination for you. There are so many things you will discover here for the first time. Travelling across Vietnam is worth your time and money, you will get to see the fascinating culture of this country. There are plenty of bus service across Vietnam which are also very low in renting price. You can also hire a motorcycle to travel, it would cost not more than $5 to hire a moto-taxi. Vietnam is a perfect destination if you want to explore the unknown sides of Asian culture.

European Travel Destinations You Don’t Know About


You might know that Europe is one of the most popular travel destination for people around the world. There are plenty of travel destinations in Europe and each year thousands of tourists come here to visit those. The size of Europe as a continent is pretty big and you might not be able to see every travel destination in Europe. Because these places are never in news, these places are not popular choice for tourists. However, these places are spectacular in every aspect. Here is a list of some unknown but stunning travel destinations of Europe.

Istanbul Grand Bazar

If you have already been to Istanbul and haven’t seen the Grand Bazar, you should go there again. It is a place which shouldn’t be missed at any cost. It is the visual representation of rich culture of Istanbul. As a tourist, you will find everything there, and if you are photographer there are plenty of things to capture. There are many popular travel destinations in Turkey which are well known. But the Grand Bazar is not known place for tourist. So next time go to Turkey, make sure you visit the Grand Bazar of Istanbul.

Iceland’s  Hot Springs

As the name suggest, tourist often think Iceland is a place of cold weather and snow. However, the reality is not the same, both the people and weather of Iceland is warm. The people there are friendly and welcoming. You will certainly enjoy your trip to Iceland. So if you go to Iceland, don’t forget to see the Hot Springs and Northern Lights. It is a spectacular view for nature lover. You won’t be seeing a hot spring in many parts of the world. So don’t miss the opportunity. Your Europe visit should include a visit to this place.

Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum of Russia is certainly a spectacular place for tourist. This place is not that popular among regular tourist, because they don’t know about this place. If you are a history lover, you should definitely pay a visit to this museum. This museum has a collection of almost 3 million rare artifacts. You won’t be seeing that many artifacts in any other museum in the world. Though this museum has a huge collection of materials, yet it is not a popular tourist attraction. So make sure you visit this place during your next Russia visit.

Kensington Gardens

This is a spectacular place of England located in London. You may have visited England many times but haven’t visited this beautiful place. This garden is not a well know travel destination for tourists. But it has got everything a traveler would like to see. If you want to enjoy a peaceful stroll with your loved one, this is certainly the place for you. Your trip to London should include a visit to this beautiful place.

Above are some less known tourist attractions of Europe. There are others like Museo Reina Sofia of Spain, Doria Pamphilj of Italy and Enlishcher Garten of Germany.


Tips for First Timer in Europe


Europe is one of the most favorite travel destination for people around the world. The cultural diversity of Europe is truly amazing and there are countless tourist attractions here.  Everything about Europe is stunning and beautiful, the architecture, culture, food, history and many other things. So if you are planning to visit Europe for the first time you need to know a little about what to expect in Europe. With so many different types of people and culture you are likely to face some difficulties. To make things easier for you here are situations you may face in Europe.


When we live in a certain place for a long time we get used to many different things. Like electricity, in Europe the supply is 220v whereas the North American appliances use electricity of 110v. You will need some kind of transformer for your usual appliances. You won’t face that difficulty with Apple devices as those have built in converter which adapt to different conditions. The sockets in Europe are not the usual ones you use in your home; you will need a converter to fit your adapter into those. You need to know about these electrical things before traveling to Europe.


The next thing to consider is the accommodation which is more likely hotels. The size of hotel rooms in Europe is smaller compare to hotel rooms in America. If you are visiting Paris for the first time and staying in a hotel you will definitely notice the difference in hotel room size. Before booking a hotel you must decide the types of bed to use, it can be quite confusing. There are many different types of bed arrangements in these hotels. The towels found in hotel rooms are also very small in size, you better bring one from your place instead of using that.



Europe is the birthplace of many finest cuisines of the world. You can expect high quality dishes here but there are some things you may find unusual in a European restaurant. You won’t find any types of tap water in these restaurants, they will server only bottled water, there is no point of asking them for tap water. All bottled water is carbonated so you have to mention that you don’t water with gas. The dinner time in Europe also don’t match with American timing, they usually dine later in the evening. The tip after a dining is common in Europe but it is not expected.


You will find plenty of public washrooms in European streets, but you may have to pay to use those. There will be attendants in those washroom who will receive the money. Coming out without payment is a bad idea and you should never do that. There are also many regulations for using those washrooms, you should follow those not to get yelled at.

Those are some unusual things you may face if you are a first timer in Europe. There are plenty more and you should be ready for surprises.



How to make your travel stylish with Limousine & Party Buses


There was a time when renting a Limousine was only for the purpose of wedding for the bride. The well decorated Limo used to arrive with the Limo and the purpose of it was over. However, the time has changed and renting a Limousine or party bus is no longer a big deal now. There are many agencies and Limousine services available throughout the world that provides Limousine for any purpose. You can use the Limousine for any purpose you want and enjoy the transportation in the luxurious car. However, the fact of the matter is that, your travel with Limo becomes easy, comfortable and stylish.

How to make your travel stylish with Limousine

Travelling is always fun but the travelling in Limousine can make it elegant and stylish. If you are going to a city to roam around then Limousine should be the best option. If you take a cab in the city, then you have to search for the places all the time. However, if you hire a Limousine, then you can just seat back and relax in the luxurious car. Your driver knows where to go and he will take you to the exact location. There is no hassle of navigating to the place using maps and all as well. Moreover, the driver of the Limousine can take you, to many such places that may be of great attraction and you did not know. You can just seat back and enjoy the scenario of the place. This does not only make your journey stylish, but also a hassle and stress free.

How can Limousine make your Travel Stress Free

The discomfort and the hassle of the travelling that Limousine is eradicating can be understood. However, people often do not understand the worth of stress free travelling. If you roam in the city with stress in your mind, then the travelling is not going to give you any benefit. Your mind should be free from all the worries. Sometimes, you travel with your friends, and on a vacation you have planned for some drinks at a club after the sightseeing. You can just get into the rented Limousine and get boozed up. There will no worries of Drink and Drive or the potential hazards of it. You can continue your fun in the Limo, while the driver will leave you safe at your destination. This also includes all the rules and regulations of that particular city or country. You may not know all the details of the country or the city. However, the driver knows everything about the roads and safety and hence makes your travelling even more fascinating.


Even after all that, people do hesitate to rent a Limousine while Travelling. The prime reason behind it is the lack of adequate information and misconception of the budget. The rent of Limousine and Cab renting is very close in terms of price. In other words, you get all the benefits above mentioned and you do not pay extra bucks as well. There cannot be anything more thrilling, comfortable, wise and better than renting a Limousine for travelling.

Useful tips to enjoy your sightseeing trips


Going to places of interest can be exceptionally satisfying, particularly when you have the opportunity to visit your most loved city. There is such large number of tours to select from including cruise, helicopter tours, bus tours etc. One of the basic rules when getting ready for a mini tour is to know which particular city attractions you have to visit. Further to that, you also need to purchase some essential souvenirs from that place. This sort of planning guarantees that you have the opportunity to explore the best areas of the city within the given time frame.

  1. Pick the tour plan. Keep in mind that visits differ in length and you have the liberty to select between night tours or day tours. Further to that, your tour package has to meet your preferences. For example, if there are specific city attractions that are best seen around evening time, then make sure you have some spare time to visit that place during night time. Thereby you will enjoy it much more at night.

  2. Consider a private visit on the off chance that you need to have the best sort of experience. This is customized tour that caters just to you and you won’t need to hangout in large groups along with some random strangers. Moreover if you opt to travel along with your family members or your spouse, then customized private trips tend to be more rewarding and satisfying, despite the fact that they can be a tiny bit expensive.
  3. Pick a touring mode wherein you feel more relaxed. You can decide to visit the city in a bus, van, or even a stallion among numerous other transportation means. Whatever you pick that particular method should make you feel comfortable throughout the trip and keep you safe. This decision is entirely based on your preference; however it is mandatory to think about all factors including the duration of the trip.
  4. Utilize the administrations of a tour guide. This is unquestionably the most ideal approach to enjoy a visit in a city you are seeing for the first time. You may have a map or an app to guide you to places of interest, however a reliable tour guide will tell you about its history, the best food you can eat etc. further to that, they will let you know about hidden areas of the city, you would not have thought about naturally. They likewise know how to save time and inform you about short cuts.
  5. Experiment with new things during the visit. For example, you can be part of games or festivals which you see during the trip. As you move from one spot to another, make it a habit to try out different international and national cuisines.
  6. If you are not certain about what you require, then take the help of Tour Company to plan an itinerary list for you which fits your budget. You can take a look at different tour packages and decide the one which serves your requirements.

Cheapest cities in Europe


For those of you who have always dreamed of backpacking through Europe but never got a chance, now is the time. Contrary to popular belief, there are some European destinations that are more than affordable, especially for backpackers who are constantly on a budget. So here is a top 3 least expensive cities to visit in Europe.

  1. Kiev

The thing with Kiev is that it’s always been a rather cheap city. But given the fact that Ukraine is now considered to have an increased risk factor due to the developing conflicts in the area, everything is cheaper! These are great news for travellers, especially since Kiev is an amazing destination with countless tourist attractions. You can visit Caves Monastery, St Sophia Cathedral, Mikhail Bulgakov Museum or St Andrew’s Church. It’s estimated that a trip to Kiev will only cost you about $24 a day, including accommodation, transportation, meals and other fees for attractions.

  1. Bucharest

Although it’s not in the top cleanest or most quiet cities to visit, Bucharest is surely pretty cheap. Even if it’s crowded, loud and at times packed with gypsies (we advise you be extra careful when it comes to your pockets, wallet, watch, phone and valuables in general) the Romanian capital city definitely has its charm. Bucharest’s Old Town has always been a favorite tourist attraction. It’s the main reason why it used to be called the “Little Paris” in the 18th century. There are some pretty incredible places you could visit while in Bucharest, especially the Parliament building, which is enormous. The cost of a day in Bucharest is somewhere around 26 US dollars, including accommodation, meals, drinks and transportation.


  1. Sofia

Yet another east European capital, Sofia is the third cheapest city you could visit in Europe. Unlike Kiev and Bucharest, Sofia is both safe and welcoming. It is actually one of the most accepting east European cities when it comes to foreigners. Add that to the fact that most things are cheap here, and you’ve got yourself a perfect holiday destination. Without exaggeration, anything from transportation to food and drinks, entertainment, hostels and museum fees are not more than a couple of dollars. In fact, it has been estimated that the cost of a day in Sofia is somewhere around $ 27. Apart from that, you can also visit iconic places such as Vitosha Mountain, St Alexandar Nevski Cathedral, St Sofia church, Ivan Vazov National Theatre or The Rotunda of St George.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hop on a plane, these amazing European cities will definitely not visit themselves! There’s no need to save up for your trip around Europe, and there’s hardly any need to meticulously plan it. Just grab a friend and a camera and off you go!


Common mistakes when travelling


Planning a family vacation usually implies numerous factors that have to be considered. Anything from too much luggage to picking the wrong hotel or restaurant can have a great impact on your holiday. While planning a family vacation you can definitely make a lot of uninspired choices. Here are the most common mistakes you can make.

  1. Not enough research

The first big mistake when it comes to travelling with your family is not doing enough research. It is true that certain travel agents offer lower prices to families. However, they are only interested in selling their own services. You will have to take care of the rest of the arrangements of your trip. Lack of information when it comes to opportunities and advantages of group travelling can lead to much higher bills than it should.

  1. Fixed dates

It is common knowledge that there are considerable price differences when it comes to plane tickets, depending on the day of the flight. If you are travelling with your family, these differences can even end up being more than 100 euros compared to the original price. Hint: if you choose your departure to be in a weekday (preferably Wednesday), you will definitely end up saving some money.

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  1. Paying separately

When it comes to a large group of people, paying for accommodation, transport, food and small trips is usually a very bad idea. Instead of doing that you might want to check promotional offers available for groups and families so that you can see what their advantages and disadvantages are. Do the math and compare your options so that you make the best decision. The bottom line is that one way or another, children will always get some kind of discount.

  1. Picking the wrong hotel

In case you are travelling alone, paying 5 or even 10 euros for breakfast, lunch or dinner may not seem like that big of a deal. However, when it comes to an entire family, a hotel which also has breakfast included in the accommodation price could actually save you a couple of hundred dollars. Tourists who travel with their family must do the research and find out what are the best or, most importantly, free deals you can get. Even if it is a kids club, pool, free parking, free wi – fi, shows, bar access and so on, these are things you should know about. Even if these seem like small expenses, if you sit down and do the math, they will add up and you will end up spending more than you were planning to.

So here it is, the most common mistakes people make while travelling with their family. Now you know what to avoid in your next trip in order to have a great time with your loved ones.