It is a dream for every individual to purchase a home. However, purchasing a dream home is not only a matter of the financial transaction but also about ensuring different things. A new home must be satisfactory from every angle from the quality of the structure to the location to the amenities, to the neighbor and of course financial quotients. However, people often forget about checking a few things that need to be addressed. One of the most common things that are ignored is an infestation.

Yes, people do carry out a pest infestation before entering the house, but forget to take care of loopholes. A new home can have multiple loopholes that can facilitate pest infestation. These errors must be observed and rectified quickly by professional pest control services.

Here are a few of the things that must be rectified before moving into your new house.


Wood enhances the beauty of a house. There is no doubt that wood can be strong but the same wood can attract the termites as well. if the wood at your new home has dark spots or seem soft, then it is time to replace it. You can even replace the wood to get rid of the termites especially if your area witness more rain. The discarded wings near wooden doors should also be removed. One must carefully check the exterior of the house and try to observe mud tubes. These mud tubes are generally used by the termites to enter the house. All the softwoods should be removed from the near proximity of the house to avoid termites. Even the mulch which is used for the foundation must be checked. It can be the ideal food for termites and also a source of moisture for different insects.


The structure of the building must be thoroughly checked for the cracks. The cracks generally develop with time. Sometimes extreme weather condition ensures such cracks. The water damages to the structure are also very common. These are the passage for the pest to infest your new home and furniture. Hence, these should be fixed first. Even if you do pest control, the infestation would not stop unless you have addressed these issues.

Water Pipes

Most of the buildings have faulty water pipes. This can be a result of poor installation or wear and tear. However, that cannot be overlooked. Leakage or similar other problems in water pipes act as a source of moisture. Damp and Moist environment at home is an ideal breeding ground for the pest. This can catalyze the infestation by a considerable amount.


The drainage must be checked as well. If the water gets logged in the drainage or you find any low area in the structure that can host water, then you need to act. Stored water can become the breeding ground for the mosquitos and must be rectified.

Congratulations on your new home. However, ensure that you have not overlooked these issues. It is also very important that you contact a pest control service to run a complete professional cleaning of your new home before you move in.