It happens to all of us… spilling something on the carpet of a hotel or rental room while on vacation !

While they look nice and they make us warm in hotels, they are difficult to remove stains from! Carpet cleaning is of course very important but it is not easy always. The stains especially are very rigid to be removed. In the modern world, a carpet is cleaned with different techniques for optimal solutions especially for the stain removal. Here are the different methods used to remove stains from carpet.

Off the Shelf Stain Remover

Try one of the off the shelf carpet stain remover. Start by first applying it on the stained area. Leave it to soak for 5 minutes and then try absorbing it with a towel. If this does not get most of it out then you definitely need to contact a professional carpet cleaning company which will apply any of the steps below!

Water Treatment

The first one is pretty easy and common as well. However, the application of the treatment is very limited. All the stains that are solvable in water can be cleaned effectively with this technique. One has to use water in an adequate amount to rinse the stain in the carpet. It should be done until the carpet and the stain soaks the water. You can then vacuum the area and all the stains will be removed. We checked with a carpet cleaner Oakville and the advice he offered us was to hire a professional company.

Dry Cleaning

This is the method that is mostly used for the rigid stains. The stains that are not solvable in water need the treatment. A soft round brush must be used for the cleaning purpose. Slowly the brush should be moved around the stains. This will ensure that the stains are brushed off, the remaining part of the stain can be vacuumed to clean the carpet.

Shampoo Cleaning

The shampoo is often used for the cleaning purpose. The first one is to out adequate shampoo solution in the carpet and allow it to soak. Once it has soaked the solution and dried, the vacuum technique should be used. However, this technique is used for the carpets where the stain is spread over a larger area. However, you may also use the shampoo foam to clean the carpet. This is also a very effective technique to clean carpet.

Steam Cleaning

This is considered as the most ultimate and most effective carpet cleaning technique. Hot steam is used to clean the carpet where the stains are subjected to the steam. Steam is more powerful than water and thus it directly impacts the stain. It is also easy for the carpet to soak in the steam rather than the water. Once the carpet has dried, it should be vacuumed to clean.

Carpet cleaning can be time consuming job and needs patience. If you are unable to clean the carpet properly then the professional services must be contacted. Carpet cleaning is very much required for the glow and longevity of the carpet. These tips can be implemented at home to clean the carpet but the professional person can take care of it even more effectively. So, it is always better to reach a person who has expertise in this, so that your carpet lasts long and remain the most attractive thing at your home.