Planning a family vacation usually implies numerous factors that have to be considered. Anything from too much luggage to picking the wrong hotel or restaurant can have a great impact on your holiday. While planning a family vacation you can definitely make a lot of uninspired choices. Here are the most common mistakes you can make.

  1. Not enough research

The first big mistake when it comes to travelling with your family is not doing enough research. It is true that certain travel agents offer lower prices to families. However, they are only interested in selling their own services. You will have to take care of the rest of the arrangements of your trip. Lack of information when it comes to opportunities and advantages of group travelling can lead to much higher bills than it should.

  1. Fixed dates

It is common knowledge that there are considerable price differences when it comes to plane tickets, depending on the day of the flight. If you are travelling with your family, these differences can even end up being more than 100 euros compared to the original price. Hint: if you choose your departure to be in a weekday (preferably Wednesday), you will definitely end up saving some money.

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  1. Paying separately

When it comes to a large group of people, paying for accommodation, transport, food and small trips is usually a very bad idea. Instead of doing that you might want to check promotional offers available for groups and families so that you can see what their advantages and disadvantages are. Do the math and compare your options so that you make the best decision. The bottom line is that one way or another, children will always get some kind of discount.

  1. Picking the wrong hotel

In case you are travelling alone, paying 5 or even 10 euros for breakfast, lunch or dinner may not seem like that big of a deal. However, when it comes to an entire family, a hotel which also has breakfast included in the accommodation price could actually save you a couple of hundred dollars. Tourists who travel with their family must do the research and find out what are the best or, most importantly, free deals you can get. Even if it is a kids club, pool, free parking, free wi – fi, shows, bar access and so on, these are things you should know about. Even if these seem like small expenses, if you sit down and do the math, they will add up and you will end up spending more than you were planning to.

So here it is, the most common mistakes people make while travelling with their family. Now you know what to avoid in your next trip in order to have a great time with your loved ones.