The wet mud of the winter is never well-received by the home carpet. The mud can settle down at the carpet quickly and destroy the fiber. However, more importantly, the mud can make your carpet look very dirty. It is quite understood that a clean and vibrant carpet makes a home look beautiful. But grunginess in the carpet can make it equally ugly. Thus it is very important to ensure that the carpet looks clean even when it is very difficult to maintain during winter.

However, there are a few smart tips that can help you to maintain your carpet. These will not will only help you to get a deep cleaning impact on your carpet but would also ensure that a healthy indoor environment is maintained.

Deep Cleaning to start

The winter season obviously comes with a lot of dirt and unwanted issues. However, winter cannot be blamed alone. The dirt generally gets settled into the carpet fiber for a long time. If the carpet is not cleaned, then it can have a really bad impact. Thus it is best to start the winter with professional deep cleaning. All the dirt, dust, bacteria, allergens would be washed out of the carpet. This would ensure that your carpet is fresh and clean at the start of the winter. You can follow the other procedures during the winter to keep it clean. We got these tips from

Entry Mats

Entry Mats are very crucial to control foot traffic. It is hard to tell people to leave the shoes outside as everyone would love to come inside for some warmth. However, the entry mat would be able to filter out some of the wet mud. A small mat would not be very effective, however. A larger entry mat generally of 6 inches by 6 inches size is considered quite effective in filtering the mud.

Keep the shoe outside

Even the entry mat isn’t perfect to filter out the mud. The best way, however, is to put a no-shoe rule on the carpet. This does not only keep your carpet clean but also ensures that bacteria and allergen brought by the shoes from outside are kept out of the carpet. Remember, carpet is very significant for indoor air quality as well. This could further improve the ambiance of the home.


This is probably a tip for all the seasons. However, there is no exception in winter as well. The carpet should be vacuum cleaned at least once a week. If it is really not possible, then once in two weeks could also be considered. However, if you are not vacuuming the carpet frequently, then the dust and the mud settles in the carpet. It makes the carpet look dirty and also damages the fiber. So, not only the exterior beauty of the house is compromised, but also the longevity of it.

If you have a pet or children at home, then the procedures become even more stringent. The tips must be followed very closely to ensure a clean and healthy carpet during the winter season.