How to remove Termite from home

We often take extra care to close the doors for the pest infestations at home. However, few of the steps may actually do more harm than good for us. In order to make your home pest-proof, you often facilitate the entry of the termite. Termites can be dangerous and can swallow your favorite furniture and any other wooden items. However, in order to stop the termite infestation, we need to understand what attracts termite. So, here are the five things that need to be stopped in order to stop the termites to enter the home.


It has been often observed that people stack wood right next to the house. Wood is the food for the termites and this could make your home vulnerable. The wood is generally stacked against the home or on the stoop. This is done for easy access to the wood. However, this could provide the termite easy access instead of home. The termites come to the woodpile for food and get an entry point to the home. It is recommended to keep the woodpile at least 20 feet away from home. This is considered a safe distance from termite.


Drainage issues can make your home vulnerable. Clogged gutters or improper drainage create a moist environment. The moist environment is an ideal condition for termite infestation. It is true that cleaning gutter or drainage is not an enjoyable job, but in order to prevent the termite, this is absolutely necessary. Additionally, it protects the home from mosquitoes.

Excess Wood

Stumps of dead trees left next to the house can attract termites. Rotting wood material is the favorite food for termites. Hence, it is important that termites are deprived of it. No rotten or excess wood should be left in front of the house. The situation becomes even worse during the rainy season. Wood and water are the most favorable condition for the termite to infest. Thus one should ensure that both of these are not available near your home. Our sponsors at Ahunstic area provided us with the feedback base don their experience, see .


Mulch is often considered one of the most commonly used materials near the foundation of the home. However, mulch is also one of the favorite food for the termites. Mulch can retain and absorb moisture and that makes it even more vulnerable for termite attack. It is thus advisable to keep the mulch at least 15 inches away from the foundation. If the use of mulch can be minimized then there is nothing better.


Trees near the home are very common. Sometimes the branches of trees enter the houses as well. However, trees are home to the termites. If you have trees near to your home, you need to be extra vigilant. It is better to trim the trees so that the branches do not enter the house. This could give the termites an entry point.

Termites are very common in the household. If you are staying in the countryside, the problem can be amplified. Tropical weather can make things worse as well. Hence, it is very important that you ensure the safety of your house from termites.

Carpet Cleaning Tips amid COVID 19 Outbreak

The world is struggling to cope up with the outbreak of the COVID 19 Corona Virus. The outbreak has happened to break out during the normal flu season as well. As has been advised, everyone should stay at home. But how to ensure that your home is safe from all the flu and deadly virus? Well, the cleaning starts from the most used item, carpet. Carpet cleaning becomes very important to ensure a healthy home. Our sponsors Ajax professional carpet cleaners inform us we should understand that it is no longer about cleaning anymore, but also about disinfecting. So, here are the things that you must do to ensure that your carpet is cleaned and disinfected.

Cleaning First

One must remember that cleaning has to be done at first. Cleaning is done to ensure that germs are removed from surfaces of the carpet. Disinfection is more of spraying chemicals to kill the virus or other germs that are left behind. It is always advisable to clean the carpet first through a vacuum or any other mode. Once done, the disinfection process can be followed. The disinfection process generally leaves the carpet dry for some time.

Vacuum Cleaning

As everyone is spending more and more time at home, the carpet is used even more. It is thus important to clean it regularly. It is understood that frequent deep cleaning is not possible. Hence, vacuum cleaning should be carried out frequently. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner even now, then you should either buy or rent it. There are different vacuum cleaners with different power. Vacuum cleaners generally suck the dirt out of the surface of the carpet. The dirt also contains allergens, germs, viruses, bacteria, and others. Considering the situation now, when people are spending a lot of time at home, the vacuuming should be done even more frequently.

Chemical Cleaning

There are different chemicals available in the market which can be ordered online as well. These chemicals are useful for removing the stains from the carpet. If you have children or pets at home, then it becomes necessary. The stains at the carpet can be caused by the spilling of food or drinks not to mention attract pests. The urine of the pets can also cause the same. The chemicals can be used for cleaning it. This can also ensure that the foul smell of the urine or spilling of the food is not present at home.

Homemade Cleaners

Vinegar, lemon and even common dish washing soaps can also be used to clean stains and other marks. The stains must be however softly cleaned. Rubbing the carpet may damage the fabric of it.


At the end of the day or at the beginning of the day, the carpet should be disinfected. The chemicals can be used to kill all the bacteria and germs on the surface of the carpet. The entire home should be disinfected considering the present situation and the carpet does not exclude the list.

Carpet cleaning is mandatory for a healthy home and thus must be considered seriously.